At the schedule meetings that were organised by the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate Change in collaboration with the

Greek Ornithological Association at Alexandroupolis and Xanthi within the context of the LIFE Programme, the consensus was that Greece is a safe destination for the Dwarf White Fronted Goose. Over the last 20 years there has only been one recorded instance of the species being poached in Greece. The KSE and the Macedonia – Thrace Hunting Federation scientific associates presented their positions at the meeting, where they once again demonstrated that hunting is forbidden anyway in the northern Greece habitats where the species appears, and therefore any additional ban on hunting to protect the Dwarf White Fronted Goose is simply a pretext. After all, the fundamental problem to the depopulation of the Dwarf White Fronted Goose is encountered in the Scandinavian countries where the species breeds, and where there is severe deterioration to the species’ habitat and high predation during the breeding season.