The completely unsubstantiated continuing prohibition that is contrary to the view held by all the local agencies

on hunting in Amvrakikos, demonstrates that the Ministry of Environment Departments have embraced the anti-hunting positions that are held by various NGOs. KSE has communicated the Arta conference (27th June 2012) results to all the stakeholders, where the investigations and studies that were presented by our scientific partners, together with the recommendations by professors at Tertiary and Higher Education Institutions in Greece, as well as the positions held by the competent Forestry Departments and all the local authorities, LGAs, etc., very clearly demonstrated the error in banning hunting at the Amvrakikos.


They all stressed that the prohibition only protects professional poachers, many of whom are not even hunters, who reap benefits from the game there for economic reasons. Furthermore, in collaboration with the Ipiros Hunting Federation (V KOI), there have been a multitude of interventions and actions to allow hunting in certain zones in the Amvrakikos, but to no avail.