KSE assigns important scientific studies to recognized Greek and foreign scientific institutions, in response to current environmental problems. These results have been published and highly commended in international scientific conferences and scientific journals. In this way, KSE and the Greek Hunting Organizations are able to scientifically respond to issues that are confronted by hunting in Greece.

One of the key studies that is annually produced by KSE in collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Lamia TEI , Karditsa TEI, Kavala TEI, and the OMPO IMPCF international organizations, is the scientific study that documents the impact of hunting on populations of hunted and non-hunted species, the control of poaching and the duration of hunting seasons. This study is officially submitted to YPEKA and leads to the establishment of the annual regulatory decisions on hunting.

Projects and scientific articles have been developed and prepared by Greek hunting organizations, which have been appropriately utilized by KSE in scientific conferences and journals.
(There will soon be full listing of these studies and articles)